This is Our Brain

How can we bring nature back to our built environments and fit it into our busy urban lives?  Behind and beyond keyboards, screens and realities of physical or virtual kinds, we are, nevertheless, hard-wired to crave love and need nature to touch our neurons and senses, imagination and humanity.  In pursuit of growing organic bonds between architecture and nature, space and mind, design and wellbeing, we formed a bio-inspired design team and seeded a project called DUO to harvest our expertise in cognitive psychology, data science, urbanism, architecture, and landscape design.

In DUO, we seek to understand breathing, living patterns using machine learning and wearable sensors that model our real-time physical and psychological experience with nature in visiting public and private spaces. Ultimately, this model will mature in its predictive power through substantial data and become a neural network-based decision support system to help architects, designers and laypeople alike make well-informed decisions to preserve our inborn affiliation for nature and promote well-being.